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In line with its constitutional provisions, memberships of SPSP is open to individuals working and researching as agents of change in peace and development-related fields in the academia, institutions of state and the broad spectrum of civil society. The structural goal is to build synergy among all stakeholders for more effective intervention.

SPSP has five [5] categories of membership viz: Student Membership Associate Membership Full Membership Fellowship Honourary Membership See below a full detailed information about the different categories of membership we have below


A Student Member of the Society shall be any undergraduate student of any recognized Tertiary institutions pursuing courses in Peace & Conflict Studies Programme or any other related field of study who has formally registered as a member. However, any Postgraduate student who wishes to register with student status is free to do so.A Student member shall not be qualified to vote or be voted for in any election of the Society.


An Associate Member of The Society shall be any person who upon completion of a course of study in Peace & Conflict Studies Programme or any other related field of study, formally applies to become an Associate Member of The Society An Associate Member must have passed or been exempted from the qualifying examination(s) of The Society. Any other person engaged in peace practice may be considered an Associate Member as deemed fit by the Executive Council An Associate Member can contest any elective post except the Presidency.


To become a Full Member of The Society, such person must have been an Associate Member in active practice for at least 5 years. Any individual who has been on a peace programme/project scholar or practioner for a minimum of 5 years. A Full Member can contest any elective position including the Presidency of The Society.


A Fellow of The Society shall be any member who has distinguished himself in practice or scholarship for a period not less than ten years and has been recommended by the Executive Council. Conferment shall be recommended by the Executive Council and ratified by the General Assembly. A person so appointed shall pay the prescribed registration & other prevailing fees of The Society. A Fellow of The Society shall have a voting right into any elective post.


An Honourary Member of The Society shall be any person so honoured by The Society for his outstanding contribution(s) to the mission, vision and values of The Society. Honourary Member may attend any general meeting of The Society. An Honourary Member shall not be required to pay any subscription, dues or levies & shall not have a voting right. If you are interested in being a member, follow this link to fill the SPSP membership form.

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