SPSP goes international with Sierra Leonean Branch

Compliments all Members of the SPSP: NWC, CWC, BOT, Body of Fellows and ALL Members of the SPSP. I am directed by the President,SPSP, Nathaniel Msen Awuapila, FSPSP to remind you of the giant strides being made by our SPSP not just within Nigeria but internationally.

SPSP now has a branch/ affiliate in Sierra Leone.

Indeed it is in that regard that we publish for your kind attention and information a joint Statement signed jointly by the President, SPSP, Nigeria and the Coordinator, SPSP-Sierra Leone with respect to the scheduled General Elections in Sierra Leone:



The Society for Peace Studies and Practice (SPSP) was established in 2003 after an initial gestation period and incorporated in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT/21194), on 23rd June, 2023, exactly twenty years ago. SPSP recently established her presence in Sierra Leone having been registered by Sierra Leone’s Corporate Affairs Commission (SL110523THESO17563), as “The Society for Peace Studies and Practice - Sierra Leone” (SPSP-SL) with the status of an entity limited by guarantee. The Society is an umbrella body for peace scholars and practitioners who seek to promote` a non-violent approach to conflict resolution and transformation through multi-level research, advocacy, and actions that strengthen local capacities for peace, and we envision the

emergence of a professional platform for synergic relationship focused on sustainable peace and development [in Africa].

SPSP has on its membership both individual and institutional members including some former Heads of States, heads of military and paramilitary organizations, affiliated Universities, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), heads of corporate organisations, media experts, academics, students, and peace practitioners of diverse backgrounds. On this eve of the 2023 General Election to be held across the country, this statement is jointly issued by the Society’s President and the National Coordinator of Society for Peace Studies and Practice – Sierra Leone (SPSP-SL), calling for a peaceful electioneering process that would uphold the trajectory of a free, fair, credible and violence-free election all across the country.

Key Recommendations

1. The Society for Peace Studies and Practice notes with concern the signs of rising tension across Sierra Leone as the country prepares for the general elections on the 24th of June, 2023.

2. We continue to closely monitor events in Sierra Leone and wish to commend all Sierra Leoneans, particularly political parties and the citizens, for striving to keep the PEACE at this stage of the electoral cycle, which may have come at a fatal cost to some citizens already.

3. We urge all political parties and candidates to appeal to their supporters to keep the peace and ensure a peaceful, credible election. Let them refrain from using provocative language and disseminating misinformation and disinformation capable of exacerbating political tensions, divisiveness, and violence at this critical juncture, as that may potentially undermine the country's democratic gains over the years.

4. We understand and appreciate the immense strength of the young voters and other young people who may not be eligible to vote at this period; we remind them of their civic duty to peacefully support the country's 2023 election process.

5. We urge security agencies to strive to conduct themselves professionally and with the utmost respect for human dignity and the rule of law.

6. Without prejudice to the constitutional role and mandate of the Electoral Commission Sierra Leone (ECSL), which we observe has sustained some level of engagement with critical stakeholders and local as well as international observers, we call upon ECSL to deal with the 2023 electoral process with the utmost sense of professionalism in order to ensure a free, fair, credible, and violence-free election, so as to significantly increase the chances of overwhelming acceptance of the election result, when announced.

7. We are confident that the people of Sierra Leone will remain engaged in the electoral process and will strive to deliver a successful example of collective national victory in the interests of all Sierra Leoneans, the West African region, and the African continent at large, for, many

good citizens of Sierra Leone know already, that the country is at a cross-road at this point.

8. Finally, we want to emphasize that the fate of Sierra Leone, as well as its PEACE and DEVELOPMENT trajectory, is the responsibility of all Sierra Leoneans, regardless of political party affiliation.


In conclusion, we recall the popular recommendation among sports lovers who are always advised to practice sportsmanship. The country Sierra Leone belongs to the good citizens of the land after

all.When the elections are all over, we hope to see a people that can be governed and a nation that will continue to experience the dividends of democratic governance. Sierra Leone deserves no less

than that. 

This day, June 23rd, 2023

Nathaniel Msen Awuapila, fspsp, FIIM, FIMC, CMC

President, SPSP



Abuja - Nigeria

Teddy Foday-Musa

National Coordinator SPSP-Sierra Leone

Contact: 232-76-670459

Freetown - Sierra Leone